Japan CCS exhibited a booth at Junior Eco-Club All-Japan Festival 2023 on March 26 (Sun).

Many children accompanied by their parents and teachers with a keen interest in local to global environmental issues came to our booth. We sincerely thank you for your visit.

We received feedback such as “I had never heard about CCS until today, but I could understand clearly by listening to the explanation while touching the model.”, “I enjoyed the explanation using a model, which was easy to understand for even children. It is a very good idea, because sometimes children get bored if they have to listen to just an explanation.”, “The CCS booth was easy to understand and fun.”

The Junior Eco-Club is an environmental activity club in which anyone from preschool (3 years old) through high-school age can participate. 91,082 children in 2,051 member clubs nationwide are registered. (as of March 1, 2023)

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Click here to visit the website of Junior Eco Club Assist Program “Let’s learn about “CCS”, a cutting-edge technology for global warming countermeasures!” (Japanese only)