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JCCS in the media

    • 2021/11/09

      The Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project being introduced on the European news channel “Euronews”. Please click here to view the program.

    • 2021/06/22

      A video of the Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project is listed as a recommended link on the website of Asia CCUS Network.

    • 2021/06/15

      Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project featured in IEAGHG Annual Review 2020. A photo image of Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Center is featured in the contents page (P3), and the Tomakomai Project is mentioned in Technical Report 2020-02 IEAGHG Monitoring & Environmental Research Combined Networks Meeting (P21) with regard to experiences provided in relation to stakeholder management in the event of natural earthquakes.