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JCCS in the media

    • 2022/01/26

      An article entitled “Momentum of Large-Scale CCUS in Asia” in the NEWSROOM of International CCS Knowledge Centre published on January 26, 2022 mentions that “the Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project displays the safety and reliability of CCS technology for offshore CO2 storage in an earthquake-prone country”, with a reference to the JCCS website.

    • 2021/11/09

      The Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project being introduced on the European news channel “Euronews”. Please click here to view the program.

    • 2021/06/22

      A video of the Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project is listed as a recommended link on the website of Asia CCUS Network.

    • 2021/06/15

      Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project featured in IEAGHG Annual Review 2020. A photo image of Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Center is featured in the contents page (P3), and the Tomakomai Project is mentioned in Technical Report 2020-02 IEAGHG Monitoring & Environmental Research Combined Networks Meeting (P21) with regard to experiences provided in relation to stakeholder management in the event of natural earthquakes.